Cartagena – Full Festival Report

Watch the full report from Cartagena, Colombia! We are in awe of how God moved. Thank you for being a part of changing thousands of lives for eternity! 
* 25,624 recorded decisions for Christ
* 17,000 attended the FestiKids childrens festival
* 4,125 attended the Pastors Conference
* 5,708 attended Workshops and Trainings
* 43,000 students heard the Gospel message
* 279 partnering churches
* 3,491 individuals were trained to pray with decision makers
* 657 families now have clean drinking water
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Cartagena Pastors Conference Results

Even more exciting news from Cartagena, Colombia! It is a blessing to have had such great engagement from the pastoral community in Cartagena. More Good News to come with our full Festival Report releasing on Friday.

Cartagena Schools Results

The Gospel message has changed the lives of young people throughout Cartagena, Colombia! We thank God for the work He did through our Serve Teams and our FestiKids children’s festival. Be watching for our full Festival Report coming next!

Cartagena Partner Churches Results

The church body in Cartagena, Colombia is thriving! Check out today’s result update video. Be looking for our full Festival Report this Friday. We are so thankful for your prayers and support!

Cartagena Water Well Results

Your impact in Cartagena, Colombia is incredible, all glory to God! We will be sharing the results with you all this week including our full Festival Report on Friday. Thank you for all your prayers and support!

Share Your Story


We thank God for all He did in Cartagena!  If you were blessed in any way by our posts or by the live feed of the festival or if you made a decision to follow Christ while watching, we would love to hear from you.  Please share your story by going to

And if you made a decision to follow Christ, we want to say, “welcome to the family!” and we want to send you some follow-up material to help you as you begin your journey…the best journey of all!

Empowering Local Churches

Mobilizing local churches, and empowering local pastors, is a huge part of our mission with each festival. Now that the festival has finished in Cartagena, the work of discipling new believers continues.
We spoke with Pastor Matt Reagan of Southeast Christian Church who shared his perspective on the importance of supporting local church networks in sharing the Gospel. These are his thoughts on the impact our team had in Colombia.

The Light Shines in the Darkness

As our team boarded a flight home yesterday morning, we stood in awe of this amazing sunrise.  We are overwhelmed at the thought of WHO HE IS and WHAT HE ACCOMPLISHED in Cartagena.  “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5

More to Come…

Cartagena has been unforgettable this past week. There’s still much more to come from this amazing experience. Stay tuned with us this week as we continue to share more stories and memories throughout the week!

A Special Thanks from Mike

A special message of thanks from Mike for your prayers, dedication, and support through another transformational Festival por la Vida! THANK YOU!

God Moves in Unexpected Ways

PRAISE GOD! Festival por la Vida has been an unbelievable success. Thank you all for your support. Thanks to you, lives have been changed for eternity.
Earlier in the week we spoke with the serve teams inviting people to the festival. Here’s just one more example of how God has moved throughout the week.
(Pictured Above: The man Efren referred to in this story.)

¡Festival Por La Vida!

This has been both one of the best and one of the most difficult Festival weeks we’ve ever had.  Spiritually speaking, we walked into a very dark city where the enemy’s  stronghold is extremely evident.  However, by the grace of Almighty God we saw the Lord show up in profound ways and be so faithful to us every step of the way.   
We praise God that the Cartagena we will be leaving is not the same Cartagena as when we arrived.  On one hand it is a very influential city and yet on the other, there is great physical and spiritual poverty.   Through all the difficulties our team faced over the week – flight problems, illness, and numerous circumstances outside of our control each day- the Lord covered us and went before us answering every prayer we had.  He is so good!
One of the most significant challenges of the week and a first for us – was a nationwide school strike that caught us off guard and briefly canceled our serve team’s ministry in local schools this week.  One of the few schools  that remained open allowed us to still come but prohibited our serve team from mentioning the name of Jesus or God – the enemy’s way of attempting to stifle the Gospel from being preached there.  However,  the Lord answered our prayers by giving the team a window where unexpectedly all of the teachers were called away at the same time… And do you know what we did?  We told those children about the life-changing message of Jesus Christ and saw many come to know Him! 
After the week we had, it was clear the enemy relentlessly wanted to prevent the Good News from going out by any means necessary. At the Festival we experienced technical difficulties throughout our program.  The evil one tried at every turn to keep us from doing His Kingdom work.  The Lord provided a hedge of protection around the proclamation of the Gospel.   We were able to proclaim the Gospel to thousands and to an additional 33,036 people who viewed nights one and two on Facebook Live and Twitter.  Hallelujah!  
At the Festival Mike was on fire! His messages both nights were so clear & powerful and the response to the Gospel was astounding!
Nathan Ironside y Despertar
Raza For Christ
Tercer Cielo
A young man who just received Christ reading the Word with a counselor.
We continue to rejoice over all those who said, “YES” to Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your fervent prayers, the Lord moved mightily and many received Christ as personal Lord and Savior.  If you missed it last night, you missed out. The good news is that you can watch the recording of the live streamed event on the Mike Silva International Facebook page.

¡Festival Por La Vida Continues!

Good Life, Good Music, Good News! That’s the tagline for Festival Por La Vida, and that’s exactly what took place tonight. Our second festival night exceeded our expectations! To God be the glory! We, as a team and a ministry, invested more time and effort and resource into this particular city- Cartagena- more than any other city we’ve ever been to. Our team was ready. The city was ready. The anticipation was through the roof! What we desperately needed- and begged God for- was for His Spirit to fall and cover this city. We asked for HIM to move in a mighty way (like only He can!) in the hearts of those who were in attendance… AND HE DID!!! This night would have been in vein (and a total flop) without the touch of Jesus. But thankfully… He listened to us and He came to us in a mighty and powerful way! Thousands said “yes” to Jesus and their names have been added to the Lambs Book of Life! Hallelujah!
What we witnessed as a team tonight was indescribable. We had a front-row seat to see individuals move from death (spiritually) to life in Jesus! It was truly life changing.
There were amazing bands that the crowd went CRAZY for! We are so grateful for the artists who joined us and drew the awe-inspiring crowd in. It was incredible! 

The Lord used Mike in a mighty way as he proclaimed the Gospel again tonight. He spoke with such clarity, conviction, and relevancy. His clear and vivid illustrations captivated the audience! People were so attentive and, like the previous night, responded in overwhelming numbers when he gave the invitation to receive Christ.  There has been a unique and supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this place. Thank you so very much for your faithful and powerful prayers that have been answered over and over again this week. We are convinced the Lord gave us His favor, mercy and an extra portion of blessing because friends like you interceded for us. We are so grateful for you!


We will send you detailed reports as we get new information from the festival, but in the meantime… will you rejoice with us in the glorious work our God did?


Together… we have reached more!



<Photos of the Festival>


FestiKids [Subheading}

One of the most exciting and highly anticipated components of Festival Por La Vida is our kid’s festival, “FestiKids”. It’s a family-friendly festival for children with clowns, games, face painting, captivating skits, and an age appropriate Gospel message. It was an incredible turnout, and we saw thousands of children ask Jesus into their hearts before the main festival even began!  This is why we’ve come… to see lives changed for eternity!


<Photos of the FestiKids>

If you missed it, you can still go and watch the recordings of the live-streamed events (from both nights) on Festival Por La Vida’s Facebook page.

The Water Project!

MSI strives to intentionally harness our efforts towards compassion aide projects that best serve the needs of the community.
For Cartagena, one of the greatest needs is fresh, clean water. The Water Well Project for <name of the area>  will provide drinkable water for an estimated ____ people. We are thrilled to see our resources and energy well spent to bless a community in such a practical and essential way!
At the dedication ceremony, the resounding sentiment was deep gratitude to God for sending us into their neighborhood to fill such a substantial deficit (water) that they’ve had to make due without for so long. There were smiles, happy tears, laughter and lots of thirst being quenched as we looked into the eyes of so many grateful individuals. It was such a beautiful sight! This was a project that these families could not afford to do and build on their own.
The well is now providing water for # families in the community! We are happy to report that the new water system and additional holding tanks installed will provide all the areas’ water needs.  This dedication was a celebration for everyone in this neighborhood and the surrounding areas. Afterwards, members of our serve team preformed a powerful evangelistic skit for the community, followed by an invitation- to Faith in Jesus, The Living Water- given by Mike. Many raised their hands and accepted Him.  Praise God!

God is Faithful, Even During Time of Trial

In another look back on the week we’ve had, this story shows God’s faithfulness even in the midst of trials. Thank you for your prayers this week!